And the Winners Are…

This year’s entries in Clash of the Creatures were utterly phenomenal. It’s not only awesome to see such fun artwork, but also to see so many artists around the world who are getting to do what they love and a reminder that we’re not all so different. Clash of the Creatures recognizes two distinct categories in selecting the top entries.

4The Titan Award
This year, our panel of judges was captivated by a number of entries, but “New Pet” by Luis Carrasco claimed the top honors by what ended as a very, very close contest. Already having won the 2016 cover, it came as no surprise to see his entry as a final contender and ultimately claiming the Titan Award. We can’t wait to work with Luis to transform his 3D Model into the real thing!

Visit Luis online

arnaud_lonys_mnr_final-1Enthralling the Masses
From October 21st to October 28th, we let the general public cast a ballot we can all get behind, a chance to pick their favorite entry in this year’s Clash. We’d like to congratulate Arnaud Lonys for capturing a whopping 30% of nearly 1,000 votes for his entry, “Trevor.” One glance at that creature, and it’s not hard to see why so many loved it.

Visit Arnaud online 

While our 2nd annual Clash of the Creatures has now concluded, the fun isn’t over. Soon we’ll be turning some of these monsters into the real thing with 3D Printing and taking a closer look at all this year’s entries in our special edition of MNR coming this week.

Visit 3D Proven Systems
Visit MNR Magazine





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