Clash of the Creatures 2016: Enthralling the Masses

“Sea Witch” by Brendon Bengtson

Wow! Each and every artist invited to participate in Clash of the Creature already has a body of top-notch and impressive work. Now that the sculpt off has come to fruition that body of work is even more impressive for each and every one. A traditional and digital artist myself, I guarantee each and every one of you reading this that producing a high-quality, finished sculpt in a short amount of time is no easy feat. When you take a look at the creatures this year’s artists created you’ll agree the judges aren’t going to have an easy time naming a recipient of the Titan Award. It’s always a pleasure to see what raw imagination can achieve when combine with superb technical skill sets, and a pleasure to show the world what digital art makes possible.

“Swarm Lord” by Michael Butcher

On October 31st, we’ll be releasing a special mini-issue of MNR to show off each piece created by this year’s artists, as well as sharing the recipient of the Titan Award and the people’s choice, Enthralling the Masses. That’s where you all come in. Voting is now live and remains active for one week, (10/28). Visit 2016’s Artists to see all of this year’s entries and to pick your favorite!



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