Meet the Artists Week 3: Clash of the Creatures 2016

This week we introduce our last two artists and get ready for the Friday release of this year’s MNR cover. With the introduction of our last two artists, the September issue and our chance to talk to each artist one-on-one is just a week away.

loicLoïc Sprimont

Hi, my name is Loïc Sprimont, 22 years old, from Belgium. I am currently working in the video game industry as 3D Character artist in Streamline Studios, based in Kuala Lumpur.
I worked in Belgium on virtual and augmented reality for advertising and entertainment. Now in Malaysia, I am working on amazing and famous AAA video games.


aaronAaron Stout

My name is Aaron Stout. I’m a classically trained musician in Austin, TX, that has transitioned over to visual arts. I’ve been teaching painting and sculpting, as well as commissioning digital art pieces, for a few years now. I’m a heavily horror-influenced artist, and I’m always trying to find ways to visualize monsters and creatures in a realistic sense.


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