Design to Diamonds: 3D Printing Jewelry Without Losing “Made by Hand”

3D Printing is a process oriented technology. While more innovators are making headway going directly from an idea to a finished, functioning product too many still approach 3D Printing from the desire to click a button and end up with something just a few hours later that rivals every traditional method of manufacturing known to humanity. I have seen some great examples of parts ready for use right out of the printer, but many applications require a slightly different mindset.

Jewelry marks a perfect example.  A lot of awesome 3D printed jewelry exists, but what if you could push the limits of possibility without abandoning that handmade quality and thousands of years of tradition. That’s exactly what the Design to Diamonds program at 3D Proven Systems is all about: Optimizing the way 3D Printing can fit into a process jewelers and designers already use.

Bolder Bracelets, produced by Linda Kozloff-Tuner, not only reflect an innovative approach to 3D Printing, but a worthwhile cause: A percentage of all proceed go toward philanthropic work. 

Not long ago, I got a phone call from the owner of Christine Marguerite Designs, Linda Kozloff-Turner. Linda has a passion and a vision for a unique and elegant design that simply could not be produced through any combination of traditional and new methods she and her team tried. Having already explored applications in metal casting and mold making, we were poised to offer a solution that not only solved her problems, but helped her realize an otherwise impossible goal.

In our upcoming issue of MNR and around our online media, you’ll get to learn more about Linda’s story, as well as seeing more about the designers and artists transforming the boundaries of possibilities. In the meantime, check out Linda’s amazing work at Christine Marguerite and Bolder Bracelets.




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