The Clash of the Creatures

SeptemberCoverInside this month’s issue of MNR Magazine, we’ve inaugurated a two part, digital event that showcases some phenomenal artists from around the world working in 3D modeling and creature design. This year, Clash of the Creatures shows off seasoned designers working in film and games and those taking their first steps into their careers.

Our September Issue of MNR is live now, and inside you can peruse the monstrosities and beasts born from some vivid imaginations, along with getting a chance to hear from the artists themselves. Whether you find monsters grotesque and disturbing or can’t get enough of them, this genre of design is rooted in some heavy-duty skill sets.

Between now and the end of October, just in time for Halloween, each artist will be hard at work creating a new abomination never before seen, taking their talents claw-to-claw. When the curtain comes up, and the world sees these creations for the first time, readers will get the chance to vote for their favorite creature, and a panel of judges from 3D Proven Systems will select their pick for the Titan Award -a pretty exciting prize they’re cooking up. Check out Clash of the Creatures at the link below.


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