CAD of the Month: Get A Free Water Bottle

AssemblyFree stuff rocks. That’s a no-brainer right? I’m not talking about convention swag, song downloads from Starbucks, or food samples. I’m talking about something with real value; the kind of free stuff that makes us say, “Dang, that was free?”  Admittedly though, going in to Whole Foods or Sams and eating a ton of free samples makes a fun evening. Let’s get back on point…

Every month in MNR you can expect to find a free 3D file you can download and print for yourself. If you’re familiar with open source 3D Printing, you already know that Free .stl files can be a mixed bag.  Some you’ll find are incredible, some not so much. At the moment, most fall into the category of knick-knacks and trinkets. The free spider drone robot file I saw online the other day was cool looking, but other than sitting and looking cool it didn’t do much.
photo 1 (4)Beyond our dedication to getting more people involved with 3D Printing, we’re dedicated to demonstrating that it is a technology with the ability to offer something  you either really need or will actually use. To kick things off, our Lead Engineer, Lance Dettmer created something we were all pleasantly surprised by. Don’t get me wrong, we were expecting great things, but this exceed even our lofty standards. This month, if you follow the link to your free .stl files, you get the ability to print your very own, truly unique, water bottle. The file is print ready, and can be modified to suit your desires.  Similarly, we’re keenly aware that not everyone interested in 3D Printing has access to a 3D Printer. If you love the file, but don’t have a means to print it yourself, let us know!  Download the file Here: Free Water Bottle .STL


Lance’s Advice for a Great Print:
-Be really selective about your material. Something durable like Nylon is going to make an ideal choice. Similarly, anything with a little bit of flex should work well.
-Double check all of your calibration settings. Fairly obvious, but a good habit to have.
-Use some post-processing to finish the outside of the bottle. A food-safe, water-tight sealant will help ensure functionality, as well as protecting the water bottle from wear. Pick something made to withstand wear and make absolutely sure you let it dry and cure completely before using.
-If you plan on using yours, keep in mind that most filament prints are not considered food safe due to space between layers. Again, treating the print inside and out with a food-safe silicone sealant is one way to make it usable.
-If you print using a standard filament based printer, get a thin bristled brush to clean the inside of the water bottle.
-Unless you print in a heat resistant material avoid leaving the water bottle in a hot place and do not wash in dishwasher.
-Don’t use it for liquids other than water.

Make variations? We’d love to see them.


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