The Power of a Dollar

Dollar1“Oh no,” You might be thinking. “Here comes a sales pitch.” I understand the feeling. I hate telemarketing calls, commercials, and “being sold.” In general I imagine most of us fall into that category: We hate asking for money, and we hate being asked for money. We, most of us, work hard for what we earn. We have big plans, or even just plans for Saturday night, and if we’re honest it can be tough to part with anything we see as a resource.
Then there’s a single dollar –100 pennies, 20 nickels, 10 dimes, and four quarters. It’s a trivial amount of money. Speaking of, did you know it costs more to make a penny than it’s worth? Money is flat out weird. In the end, it’s really just a way of expressing what we value and how we value it.
You can’t even get a Coke from a vending machine for a dollar anymore. As an aside, I do enjoy the fact that Itunes still offers some really good music for $0.99, the buck twenty-nine kills me though. A single dollar is pretty powerless. You can discard it without almost even a single thought, and have decent odds of recovering it on the ground in a parking lot. My point? Isn’t it funny how many things in life are never realized simply because we assume as one individual, what we can contribute has no real value be it our thoughts, our time, our vote, or our dollar. At the same time, look what happens when a bunch of individuals get behind an idea: Pouring buckets of ice water over ourselves managed to raise around $200 million, and indeed for a worthy cause. $100,000.00 is a large goal and at the same time, it’s not at all.  In 2010, the US had 275 cities with a population above 100 thousand people.

Bringing this full circle, rather than a pitch or plug for Proven Reality, I want to issue you a challenge… maybe even a dare. Not everyone is going to value what Proven Reality is trying to achieve. Since it is faith oriented, it’s no secret or surprise that there are even those who would be inclined to mock it or openly oppose it. That’s fine. I for one value the fact that we live in a nation that grants us all that right–the right to chose for ourselves.

No matter how you see what we’re trying to do, unless we find ourselves in the position of someone who has the privilege and burden of holding the ear of the public, our single voice isn’t worth a whole lot more than a dollar. It kind of sucks to say, but our individual spheres of influence usually aren’t all that expansive beyond our immediate friends and family. I’m sure at times we’ve all felt like they aren’t all that potent even there.  How many times have we thrown a dollar into a vending machine, grabbed a candy bar, or a scratcher? How many times has our “two cents” gone unnoticed.  I don’t want to sound preachy melodramatic, but we really do live in an age steeped in skepticism, distrust, and cynicism –rightly so or not.  That’s the way it is, and in light of that I’m not going to end this post with a call to action, or try to inspire you. Rather, my challenge to you is to part with a dollar. Whether you see it as lending your voice or discarding something that doesn’t associate much cost: Whatever motivates you, it’s a very small gamble to take to find out just how meaningless or meaningful that one dollar might be.

You can find Proven Reality here: Proven Reality


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