copyright MeowWolf
copyright MeowWolf

The first time someone said the name Meow Wolf at 3D Proven Systems, I thought I had heard incorrectly. The project was well underway when I was brought on, and as the new guy I didn’t want to butt in on something that didn’t really involve at the moment. I kept quiet. Then I heard “Meow Wolf” a few more times. Being as that I’m not a total half-wit, I quickly realized I was really hearing everyone saying, “Meow Wolf.” As you can imagine, the next thought in my head was, “What on Earth is this place I’m now working at?” followed quickly by, “What in the #*$! are they talking about?”
The more I listened in, the more astounding this mysterious Meow Wolf grew to be. Pretty soon, I was hearing about doors opening with a wave of the hand, holograms, an indoor forty-foot tree that interacts with your phone, trans-dimensional physics,and even time travel all contained in a Victorian house inside a bowling alley in Santa Fe. I’m familiar with New Mexico: Land of Enchantment. My dad grew up here and my Grandfather worked at Los Alamos for years. I’ve spent a lot of time here before making it my permanent home. National labs, ancient mysteries, alien crash sites– mind -blowing things really are going on here, but time travel and trans-dimensional physics?

Santa Fe, New Mexico already enjoys a well deserved status as an arts destination. Contemporary and Western aesthetics blend and merge here, creating exactly the sort of environment groups like Meow Wolf can thrive. They not only fit in perfectly, but will make a mark on the map in a new way. If you haven’t made the quantum leap yet, Meow Wolf is a company, but also more than that. In 2008, a group of artists banded together with a vision of community and artistic experience unlike any other: a purity of creativity and uniqueness. As a practicing professional artist myself, I can attest to how difficult that is to achieve. Similarly, I can further say that Meow Wolf has not only achieved that goal, but exceeded it.  After successfully conceptualizing and executing 22 exhibits across the US, The House of Eternal Return and its associated arts complex emerged as the next goal. Admittedly I have not yet been able to dig up exactly how Meow Wolf found the partner they did, but if you happen to browse Kickstarter, you’ll see a familiar name alongside theirs. Apparently their partner wrote a very popular book series that’s now a show on HBO, (Supposedly I should insert a wink face here to indicate I’m speaking tongue in cheek, but I don’t really go in for that sort of thing). Meow Wolf met its crowd funding goal to support building the arts complex, and word on the street is that the House of Eternal Return will be ready to warp minds and dazzle children and adults alike this coming fall.

copyright Meow Wolf
copyright Meow Wolf

So what about us? Surely I’m not just spotlighting a local attraction, awesome as it is. What we’re doing is huge, literally and figuratively. I’ve already mentioned it here in this post, plain as day, but in the forest of words you might have missed it. 3D Proven Systems’ role with Meow Wolf if certainly behind the scenes, but when the job is done, the product will be an industry benchmark. For those not in the know, that means an achievement that no one else has accomplished. That’s right, even titans like Google and Microsoft haven’t pulled anything like this off yet. There will be a lot more on this to come. It’s a huge project in many ways, and it’s certainly a topic I’m looking forward to exploring more.

Check Meow Wolf out for yourself here: Meow Wolf


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